Nox Services

Why Nox Consulting?

With how advanced technology is in this present day and age,
defending your company against cyber attacks is more difficult than ever.
Hackers are highly sophisticated and organised. Their tactics and strategies
are constantly evolving. Hence, many organisations are finding it difficiult
to protect themselves from the impending threat.

That's where Nox comes in. With Nox, you don't have to worry.
Our consultants and experts are well-equipped and more than ready
to help you defend your organisation from attacks.

Incident Response

Helps organisations prepare for, prevent, detect
and respond to security incidents. Consult our
experts to build and grow your security program
to protect your business. Contact Nox at the first
sign of a breach to help investigate and mitigate.

Penetration Testing

Simulate cyberattacks against your company
to check for exploitable vulnerabilities.
Let our experts test your computer system,
network or web application to identify
and mitigate weaknesses to seal off
potential avenues of attack.

Security Program Assessment

Evaluate your information security program
to improve your company's security posture.
Get accurate and informed recommendations
from our experts here at Nox on how you can
improve your company's security program.