About Us

Welcome to Nox.

Here at Nox, we strive for excellence.
We tackle security challenges with clarity and confidence,
knowing that millions of people rely on us daily.
Nox always has your back.

Why Choose Nox?

We keep organisations and families safe from the online threats
that they face every day. We offer complete protection
with our large range of products and services.
Here at Nox, our researchers and security experts
strive to provide our customers with new and better
solutions than the rest. We ensure that our products
are easy to install and use so that you can focus on
the needs of your business. Let Nox take care of
your security management.

Our Story

For over 10 years, Nox has been producing cybersecurity products
to protect millions of people daily. We also help to secure
the networks of thousands of businesses worldwide. All this
from a small company selling antivirus software a decade ago.