Welcome to Nox

The future of cybersecurity.

What is Nox?

Nox is a premier cybersecurity provider specialized in both security software and hardware.
We provide a Unified Threat Management (UTM) approach to information security.
This approach helps our clients save time, money and people when compared to the
management of multiple security systems. Instead of having several single-function
appliances, all needing individual familiarity, attention and support,
network administrators can centrally administer their security defenses
from one computer using the Nox UTM architecture.

In addition, NOX empowers MSSP (Managed Security Service Providers) through the NOX MSP program.
Utilizing our proprietary Managed Detection and Response (MDR) technology, our partners are
able to provide a managed cybersecurity service that detects intrusions, malware,
and malicious activity in customers’ network and assists in responding quickly
to eliminate and mitigate those threats. Our MDR combines a technology solution
with outsourced security analysts that extend our partner’s capabilities and team.